How to enjoy at the Jingu Stadium

Foods and beverages

Roo Japan – Teppanyaki
(First-base stand outfield, Gate17.)

  • Plate of sausages: reg.700yen
  • Plate of sausages: mega.900yen
  • Yakitori: 120yen

Tsukiji Gindaco
(first-base stand, Gate 4)

  • Takoyaki: 550yen

Pink dot – waffles
(third-base stand, outfield Gate 14.)

  • Chocolate waffles with ice cream: 500yen
  • Strawberry waffles with ice cream: 500yen
  • Caramel waffles with ice cream: 500yen

Official mascots

Tsubakurou, an official mascot of the club since 1994. The fatty male swallow has a younger sister named Tsubami, who considers herself as a sexy swallow.

Event Information

July 26th ~ August 25th

Witness over 300 rounds of fireworks at the end of 5th inning.

Beer serving girls

Beer serving girls (so called “Ghostbusters”) are walking around the stadium with a big tank on their back. They serve you ice-cold draft beer into a cup right in front of you with their big smiles =)


  • Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo Beer are all on tap for just 750yen
  • Canned beer: 500yen

Tsubakurou Bazooka

The fatty male swallow Tsubakurou shoots some Swallows T-shirts with his bazooka to the first-base stand.

Make sure to wave at him to attract his attention! Those T-shirts are not sold at any merchandise stores.

  • Please note that Tsubakurou Bazooka timing is subject to change without notice.

Official cheerleading and dance team “Passion”

Their performance is pretty radical and acrobatic.

Let’s dance the Swallows’ official cheering song “We are the Swallows” with Passion!!

Performance schedule

Before the game, the 3rd, 5th, and 7th inning.

After the game when the Tokyo Yakult Swallows win.

Swallows cheering style

Swallows fans are best known for how they celebrate a score. Fans celebrate runs by taking out umbrellas and dancing while singing Tokyo Ondo and shouting “BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!” Let’s enjoy cheering the team with umbrellas!!